Must resist the tempation to eat you. Must resist the temptation to eat you…

My self-control isn’t the best, and I’ll be the first to admit it. That’s why going into situations with a plan works the best for me. Going into a situation where there is going to be pizza served? Either the game plan is avoid the pizza and all costs or, if I really must have some, only have ONE slice.

So what’s the plan for this weekend when I go to Geneva, Switzerland? Land of delicious wine, cheese, meets, and SWISS CHOCOLATE??? I must behave. Game plan:

  1. Eat fish and salad whenever the choice is made available. You know it’s going to taste incredible regardless of what it is.
  2. Protein for breakfast whenever possible. Avoid those delicious baguettes and croissants.
  3. Avoid the delicious chocolate. If I absolutely must, I will have ONE piece.
  4. Jog/Walk every morning regardless of how jet lagged I am.

Pretty good plan I think. Perhaps instead of sleeping I will spend the entire 8 hour flight writing this game plan over and over and over until my brain is wired correctly.

In the meantime, I will satisfy my hunger with a handle of almonds. WHAT AN EXCITING SNACK! (and what a creepy looking hand. Thanks a lot Instagram)



About skinnyjulie

I grew up as a chubby kid in the suburbs of New York, and went to college in Maine where I went from thin with curves, to a full-on fatty (yay college!). I now live in New York City with my boyfriend Shane, who is amazing, but is partially to blame for me being a fatty because he tells me i'm perfect and beautiful just the way I am. What an asshole, right? Things I like: Pasta, bagels, pizza, mayonnaise (well any condiment is good by me), eating in general, laughter. I have a feeling I will be leaving several of these things behind in my journey (hopefully not including laughter, but diets are hard man). Things I don't like: Running, jogging, yoga, not eating too much, those active couples in central park who run past me holding hands. Hopefully I'll embrace several of these things on my journey? Here's do optimism! Ultimate Goal: STOP BEING A FATTY
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